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What is Mediation? - Mediation Wiltshire and West

What is Mediation?

Over recent months there has been more and more mention of Mediation in the media and so what is mediation exactly?

What is Mediation?

Mediation can involve two or more individuals, groups, businesses or organisations who have had a disagreement and have been unable to resolve the issues between them.  The parties meet with an independent/neutral third party, usually together, who facilitates discussions – a trained Mediator.   Mediation can be used to resolve Family and Relationship issues, and Civil matters such as property disputes, employment issues, contractual difficulties, and professional negligence.  This list is not exhaustive and mediation can often help in all sorts of different circumstances.  It can provide practical long-term solutions which would not necessarily be available through the courts.  It is a flexible process and different disputes require different approaches.  The decision to mediate is voluntary which means parties who attend Mediation are free to leave at any time.  When parties decide to mediate they are attempting to determine the outcome of their dispute themselves, without a decision being imposed on them by, for example, a Judge or an Ombudsman.


From April 2013 it will be a requirement in most Family disputes for those involved to attend an information meeting with a Family Mediator before court proceedings can be issued. This means that now mediation is seen as the primary way of resolving a Family dispute and the matter will only be able to proceed to court if a Mediator considers the case is unsuitable for Mediation.


Changes in the court rules which govern Civil disputes will mean that mediation in Civil matters will become increasingly important and relevant during 2013 as a cost-effective way of resolving disputes.


Mediation Wiltshire and West Ltd has trained Family and Civil Mediators and offers a full Family and Civil Dispute Mediation service from East Gate House 94 East Street Warminster and the Old Town Hall Market Place Westbury.  For further information please call Charles Goodbody on (01985) 224770 or e-mail

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