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Family Mediation with a Difference - Family Mediation from MWW

Family Mediation

Family Mediation WiltshireWhen couples separate it is often difficult for them to communicate.  When a relationship breaks down no two people are at the same point emotionally.

Our Family Mediation Service offers a trained family mediator who can help couples discuss the important issues arising from their decision to part company by working with them to reach agreement.

How does Family Mediation work? 

Couples will arrange a meeting with a mediator.  Those meetings usually last about an hour and a half.  The mediator will help determine the issues that need to be discussed and what information needs to be provided.

General legal information is provided by the mediator and during the process after all the factual information has been provided (disclosure), the mediator will help the couple review the information and will use it as the basis for discussion about possible ways to settle their issues.

What sort of issues can be resolved through Family Mediation?

Understanding the financial position of the family and how assets and income are to be divided to provide for each family member, whether adult or child.

Are the arrangements for the care of the children right for all concerned.  Children are the most important people in any relationship breakdown.  They often feel ignored and so in mediation their needs are put first.  If it is felt appropriate the children can take part in the family mediation process and arrangements can be made for them to see a mediator who has specialist training to work with children.

The extended famIly may benefit from family mediation.  Grandparents sometimes feel left out and could benefit from being involved in the process.

Family mediation may involve disputes about a deceased’s estate.  Someone’s will can be out of date and exclude an individual who perhaps ought to be included.  Inheritance disputes can be very costly if argued in the traditional way through the court process.  Mediation could help in those circumstances.

How many sessions are needed and what will it cost?

The family mediation process is driven and controlled by the parties. The role of the mediator is to help couples talk about their issues and to facilitate agreement.

The process will usually take between 3 and 6 sessions of 90 minutes each.

  • Individual mediators set their own fees but the cost is usually between £220 and £250 for each hour to be divided in whichever way is agreed.
  • At Mediation Wiltshire and West we believe our mediators’ charges are competitive and that resolution of disputes through family mediation, providing both parties fully engage and commit to the process, is more cost effective and a better use of resources than using the court process.
  • You need to think it through – do you want a Judge telling you how your finances are to be divided or how often you will see the children or do you want to sort things out between you with the help of a skilled and knowledgeable mediator?  It is your future.

Contact Us Today, and we’ll put you directly in touch with a mediator who will suit your needs.