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Impartial Child & Family Consultants & Mediators

Child & Family Consultants

Child and Family Consultants are not usually lawyers, but skilled professionals in other disciplines who work with parents and children to help them manage difficult situations which arise as a result of issues within the family.  Children are directly affected by divorce and relationship breakdown. Parents are often too close and involved to provide their children with support and understanding.  Parents may feel guilty and worried about the effect of their conflict on their children.  A Child and Family Consultant can help parents look at things from their child’s point of view and work with the family to organise the future in the child’s best interests.

Child and Family Consultants will listen and talk to children to explain and help them understand the turmoil in their life which inevitably flows from divorce and family breakdown.

Child Family Consultants work with parents, mediators, lawyers and other professionals to help parents make decisions for and about their children, which are in their long term best interests.