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MWW - Mediation Services Blog

What Is Mediation and how will it help?

If you are struggling with a dispute of any sort then mediation might just be the answer for you to resolve the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible and to avoid litigation completely. Mediation is a process that has been around for some time and is now being utilised more frequently in many types of disputes, such as divorce, employment and commercial disputes. It has a number of advantages over litigation and if mediation does not work for any reason, then litigation is still an available option to consider. So what is...

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What is Mediation?

Over recent months there has been more and more mention of Mediation in the media and so what is mediation exactly? What is Mediation? Mediation can involve two or more individuals, groups, businesses or organisations who have had a disagreement and have been unable to resolve the issues between them.  The parties meet with an independent/neutral third party, usually together, who facilitates discussions – a trained Mediator.   Mediation can be used to resolve Family and Relationship issues, and Civil matters such as property disputes,...

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