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MWW - Specialist Mediators - About Us & Our Mediation Services

About Us

Couples MediationMediation Wiltshire and West was formed by Charles Goodbody and Chris Jolly  to offer civil and family mediation in an impartial and approachable way with trained mediators who have their own individual professional skills.

Charles and Chris  have over 75 years experience between them as solicitors in private practice and so they feel well placed to understand the need for people to have direct access to mediation and specialist mediators.

It is impossible to go through life without a disagreement with someone.  When you find yourself involved in a dispute, who do you turn to and how do you resolve the issue?  The traditional way is through the legal process and the court system.  There is another way and that is mediation.  Mediation helps people resolve disputes and disagreements through controlled discussion and negotiation.  Mediation brings people together to talk and listen without the pressure and anxiety caused by court proceedings.  Mediation may not be for everyone and it may not be suitable for every dispute but it is becoming increasingly more popular as a cost effective and more civilised way of resolving disputes.

We are a specialized mediation business providing specialist mediators and mediation facilities to individuals, the business community and lawyers. We are here to help and given the advantages of mediation, the earlier a participant brings an issue to mediation, the better.