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Mediation Services - MWW - Quick, Easy, Hassle Free Dispute Resolution

MWW is a specialist mediation business providing mediators and mediation facilities for individuals, the business community & lawyers for Family, Civil and Commercial disputes

We are here to help and given the advantages of mediation, the earlier a participant brings an issue to mediation, the better.

MWW is a specialist mediation business providing medators and mediation facilities for individuals, the business community and lawyers for Family, Civil and Commercial Disputes.

Mediation is often a faster and cheaper way of resolving disputes and so early referral to mediation can be an advantage. Our mediators are acutely aware of the cost, perils and pitfalls of litigation and the court process.

Most disputes arise from conflict between people in the context of business relationships, employment, family, property and inheritance.  We all disagree with one another from time to time.  At MWW we believe the best way to resolve those disagreements is by face to face discussion and not arm’s length negotiation.

It is impossible to go through life without a disagreement with someone. When you find yourself involved in a dispute, who do you turn to and how do you resolve the issue? The traditional way is through the legal process and the court system. There is another way and that is mediation. Mediation helps people resolve disputes and disagreements through controlled discussion and negotiation. Mediation brings people together to talk and listen without the pressure and anxiety caused by court proceedings. Mediation may not be for everyone and it may not be suitable for every dispute but it is becoming increasingly more popular as a cost effective and more civilised way of resolving disputes.

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The civil mediation process is one in which two or more people involved in a dispute meet and with the help of a mutual third person (the mediator), work out a solution to their problem. Each participant describes the dispute from their point of view and in their own terms as well as how they think the matter can be resolved. It is the job of the mediator to help focus attention on the relevant issues and help the participants identify a workable solution.

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When couples separate it is often difficult for them to communicate.  When a relationship breaks down no two people are at the same point emotionally.  Our Family Mediation Service offers a trained family mediator who can help couples discuss the important issues arising from their decision to part company by working with them to reach agreement.

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What we do?

We arrange an appropriate mediator for your needs
We provide facilities for the mediation process
We are experienced, impartial, neutral facilitators
Faster and cheaper way of resolving disputes
Face to face discussion and not arm’s length negotiation

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